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Caring for our environment by supporting the farmers who grow our ingredients

Today, June 5, is World Environment Day, established by the United Nations in 1974 as the “people’s day for doing something to take care of the earth.” As a person who is passionate about sustainability personally and professionally, it’s fair to say that this is an important day for me. It’s a great day to celebrate what we’ve done for the environment and find ways to do more. That’s why we are launching Kellogg Company’s 9th Corporate Responsibility Report, Nourishing Families So They Can Flourish and Thrive.

At Kellogg, we care about making a positive difference in the lives of people and the environment.  We are passionate about nourishing with our foods, nurturing the planet, feeding people in need and living our founder’s values.  It’s reflected in the work we do every day, throughout the journey of how we make our foods.

As a member of the team that oversees responsible sourcing of our ingredients globally, that means making a difference from the very start.  That’s why we’re working closely with the farmers who grow our ingredients. Farmers aren’t just cultivating the food for people around the world, they are cultivating healthy soils, diverse ecosystems, and strong communities. And across Kellogg, we want to help them do even more.

Around the world, there are 570 million farmers[1], both large and small. Globally, the vast majority own or work on very small farms of less than one hectare[2]. They are smallholder farmers who often lack the opportunities needed to enable them to reach their highest potential. They lack access to sustainable agriculture practices that can increase their yields and incomes, while also protecting the environment.

At Kellogg, we’re working to support 500,000 farmers and their families though our Breakfasts for Better Days commitment to create 3 billion better days for people around the world by 2025. We’re particularly focused on how we can help smallholder, and especially women, farmers. Already, we have reached 294,000 farmers through our programs.

I urge you to take time today to think about why you care about the environment, and check out this video we’ve compiled highlighting some of the stories of our employees, suppliers, and farmers, in recognition of World Environment Day.

Learn more about how Kellogg is Nourishing With Our Foods, Feeding People In Need and Nurturing Our Planet, all while Living Our Founder’s Values in our 2016/2017 Corporate Responsibility Report, Nourishing Families So They Can Flourish And Thrive.

To us, there is no better day than World Environment Day to turn a spotlight on how our employees and our company care for the environment and our communities.


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[2] The State of Food and Agriculture 2014, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.