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How World Food Day efforts helped create 1.5 million Better Days
Kris Charles

If you’ve ever seen a child struggling to stay focused in school because she didn’t have breakfast that morning, or watched parents trying to feed their family on a shoestring budget, you’ll understand Kellogg Company employees feel so passionately about fighting hunger and feeding people’s potential.

We know that nearly 800 million people worldwide experience hunger every day. And as a global food company, we’re committed to making sure there’s enough food for everyone in a world with a growing population and increasingly limited natural resources.

That’s why, in recognition of World Food Day 2016, thousands of Kellogg employees in nearly 30 countries stepped up to fight hunger in a big way – volunteering at local school breakfast programs, and organizing food collection drives that benefitted more than 55 food banks globally.

Through these efforts, Kellogg employees succeeded in creating nearly 1.5 million Better Days for people around the world. What an awesome example of how we plan to reach our new goal of creating 3 billion Better Days by 2025 through our global purpose platform, Breakfasts for Better Days![1]

We expect to meet, or even exceed, this exciting goal by:

1. Donating food to people in need;

2. Expanding breakfast programs;

3. Supporting 500,000 farmers with Climate Smart Agriculture practices;

4. Committing to 45,000 employee volunteer days; and

5. Engaging 300 million people in the issue.


And if you’re reading this right now, that’s where you come in. We invite you to join us on this life-changing journey! Pledge to donate food or volunteer at your local food bank. Participate in one of our upcoming “buy a box, we’ll donate a serving of food” promotions. Or simply share this post with others who care about helping families in need with the hashtag #3BillionBetterDays.

Together, we can help more people start their day with the power of breakfast, and create better days for all of us.


[1] Kellogg Company has already surpassed the original 2013 Breakfasts for Better Days goal to donate 1 billion servings of food by 2016 – with a projected 1.9 billion servings donated by year’s end.