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How One Little Girl Inspired An Entire Community

While a kindergartener was getting ready for a life-changing surgery, a community was working to help make her return to school just a little easier.

I’ve always tried to be first to raise my hand so when I heard about 5-year old Hannah, who was born with spastic dysplasia, not being able to fully participate in recess with the other kids, I knew we had to act.

Hannah’s form of cerebral palsy affects her legs, requiring her to wear braces and use a walker. During school recess, a group of fifth graders from Tobey Elementary School in Vicksburg, Mich., noticed Hannah’s routine of playing closely next to her caregiver in a sandbox. They soon realized she was unable to navigate the playground equipment.

The students met with the principal and started a fundraiser to build an accessible playground to help Hannah fully engage in the school environment.

Jillian, a Kapable team member and Snacks Customer Marketing Manager, caught the story as it unfolded on social media. She thought this would be the perfect chance for Kapable, a Kellogg employee resource group focused on making Kellogg an inclusive environment for people with disabilities, to show the local community what the group is all about.

We quickly donated needed funding, the school ordered the play structure, and we helped to organize a volunteer crew to bring it all together. Volunteers from Kapable met students, teachers and community members on a Friday afternoon to help assemble the pieces for one special girl. The finished product included a fully accessible swing set, merry-go-round, special handrails, and launch spots to aid walking and wheelchair accessibility.

It’s hard to define the satisfaction we have in helping Hannah. Simply put, one individual couldn’t play on the school playground the same way as others. Now she can. This one little girl helped inspire an entire community. She touched Kapable, she touched me. She made us more aware, hopefully encouraging others to make accommodations to help others.

My advice? Look to your left, look to your right. Take time to understand the needs around you and make sure you’re first in line to lend a hand and offer support.