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Kellogg’s NYC cafe reimagines cereal one bowl at a time

I’ve always been a dreamer. I can distinctly remember spacing out over a big bowl of cereal before heading to school, thinking of all kinds of trouble I could stir up. It’s no wonder that I ended up in New York City alongside so many other crazy imaginations and bold personalities.

When I think of New York, I think of people from all walks of life who are doing things that have never been done before, individuals who are pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. It’s the perfect place for a 110-year-old brand like Kellogg’s to try something new.

Kellogg’s and I have partnered up to open a permanent café serving one-of-a-kind cereal combinations and it’s located nowhere else but in the heart of the Big Apple. Kellogg’s NYC was born from a mission to reimagine a bowl of cereal, a year of planning, countless partnerships, and a whole lot of dreaming big. As someone who has spent 20 years in the restaurant industry, I’m excited to see an iconic brand like Kellogg’s bring its products to life through a full-service experience. With their century-long history of creating memories and our know-how in creating experiences, it’s the perfect partnership.

My good friend and award-winning chef of Milk Bar, Christina Tosi, developed some of the café’s delicious menu items, proving that a few innovative ingredients like lime zest, marshmallows, thyme, instant coffee, green tea powder, and more can make people completely rethink a bowl of cereal. She’s also the one that brought my company, Journee, and Kellogg’s together.

While there are many menu items to choose from, guests can also get creative with dozens of mix-and-match toppings and the option to use milk or ice cream. And because cereal is something to be enjoyed morning to late-night, Kellogg’s NYC will be open until 11PM to satisfy cravings at all hours of the day. The café will have dine in or carry out options and there are plans to launch a delivery service later in the year. So whether you’re stuck behind your desk in Midtown, looking for a sweet treat after your Broadway show, or fueling a day of sightseeing, you’ve got a ton of options. After all, this is the city where dreams are made.

But don’t feel too left out if you’re not in New York. We invite you to #StirItUp at home and reimagine what you can do with a bowl of cereal. Show us your café-inspired combinations on Twitter @KelloggsNYC using the #KelloggsNYC tag.