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Nobody Fights Alone

As a veteran, I have always had the heart to serve my community. It wasn’t until I joined the Marines and deployed overseas that it turned into a passion. While deployed, we served in the communities where we lived and worked. We brought toys and candy for the children and kept promises to the elders to better the community.

After my service to our country, I noticed a lot of returning veterans were coming back without any knowledge on readjustment to civilian life.  I knew in my heart that I needed to help guide these returning veterans. I connected with community members and did my own research. Then, I offered what I found to the veterans and families needing help. Knowing that I may have information to positively change someone’s life, I woke up every day with a mission and feeling gratitude.

Today, as I work in corporate America, my passion is not only supported, but encouraged. From anywhere I am, whether serving our country or working in business, I will continue to do my part to help those who need it. I believe my service overseas was more than the opportunity to serve our great nation; it was a chance to be the rock for those coming home feeling lost and alone. Nobody fights alone…

My passion and dedication to service is what drives me personally and professionally. When considering employment options, a veteran-friendly organization was a ‘must have’ on my list. What initially attracted me to Kellogg was its long-time commitment to hiring and supporting veterans. Earlier this year, Kellogg was recognized in the Military Times ranking of best employers for veterans. Once I learned about its Business/Employee Resource Group, K Vets & Supporters, I knew that Kellogg was truly a company that cared about its people and communities. I couldn’t sign up for K Vets & Supporters fast enough.

Being a member of K Vets & Supporters allows me to connect my work life to my passion of service and community. While this is not my first civilian career, Kellogg is the only employer I have had that embraces its core values as pillars of its corporate culture.

I love that Kellogg encourages opportunities for veterans to feel like they are “serving an area of operation.”  When volunteering, it feels like I am wearing that uniform and serving again. In my opinion, volunteering is a good way for veterans to relive the positive feelings of service. I am so honored to wear the K Vets & Supporters logo on my chest out in the community. I represent Kellogg Company with pride.