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Welcome to Social K

Recently we announced our new and expanded sustainability commitments and we wanted to share the news with you -- our consumers, our employees, our fans -- through our new communications channel, Social K.

Social K was created to offer you an opportunity to dive deeper into important topics including innovation, nutrition, sustainability, diversity, social responsibility and more.

First up, sustainability and protecting the environment. After all, it’s is in our DNA. Our founder, W. K. Kellogg, personally believed in sustainability. Even more than 100 years ago, our cereal packaging contained recycled materials. And that rich tradition continues to this day.

Today, we are proudly continuing the journey started by Mr. Kellogg.  We’re building on the ambitious goals we set in 2008 to conserve natural resources. We’re also making a commitment to responsible ingredient and material sourcing that will help create a sustainable future for farmers, workers, communities and the environment.

This means working with growers, suppliers and partners to improve their livelihoods and help their communities flourish. For example, helping wheat farmers in the United Kingdom improve soil health, supporting a women’s cooperative of more than 600 quinoa farm families in Bolivia, and promoting new rice growing methods in Thailand that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s also about finding innovative solutions to reducing energy such as the fuel cell technology at our Eggobakery in California or in the water reuse programs that we support in Mexico.

Our renewed commitment to sustainability is at the core of our values and will help us continue enriching the world through foods and brands that matter. With our new 2020 commitments, we’ll support the livelihoods of individuals, families and communities that rely on us and on whom we depend. We’ll go further to conserve natural resources where we source and produce our foods.

And we plan to use the stories generated from these efforts to connect with our consumers and other stakeholders here on Social K.

Learn more about Kellogg’s sustainability journey by visiting us and follow our corporate Twitter handle @KelloggCompany for updates to Social K.