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Our brands have shaped the lives of many around the world for years.   For the next generation, the deeper our brands penetrate their lifestyles, their passions, their generational culture, the stronger their brand loyalty for many more years to come.    

Global Licensing & Cultural Marketing’s mission is to fully seat our brands into the next generation’s culture.  They do so by infiltrating the hard-to-reach influencer groups by elevating our iconic brands into strategic consumer passion points, consumption adjacencies, and relevant culture.  Last year the program achieved of 7 billion impressions and $450m in value to the organization through earned media value, conversion, and royalties. 

Recently, some dream collaborations were launched across the portfolio such as:

The Licensing team is some of the best and brightest, forward-thinking leaders that drive creativity and big buzzes for our brands to break out of the noise that all consumers face today.  Whether that’s through fun food mashups, trendy apparel collabs, exclusive digital content, or branded real life experiences that our zenial consumers crave, the program has been growing +57% CAGR for the last 3 years.  

Recently, we were able to partner with popular collectible creator Funko to launch a Kellogg’s cereal NFT (Non-fungible token) collection featuring classic Kellogg’s characters including Tony The Tiger, Toucan Sam, Cornelious, Dig Em’ and even Big Yella. Fans of Funko Ad Icons and loyal Kellogg consumers were so hyped about this modern vintage collection that this drop sold out in 17 minutes!

This innovative, modern marketing collection led us to being awarded a Global Excellence award from Licensing International, a global award for the licensing industry and the only international recognition of licensing excellence. Kellogg’s Funko Digital Pop! NFT collection took home the win for the “Best Product Digital: Apps, Software, Video Games & NFTs” category beating out the likes of Netflix, Roblox, Crayola, Squishmallows, and Warner Bros.

Smart and fresh partnerships like this help us to make our brands more culturally relevant and covetable with the next generation.  The NFT collectibles with Funko elevated our global cereal brands with the particularly hard to reach, passionate gamer and the new generation collector.  We made a statement that our heritage brands and characters are cool, unique, desirable and are able to remain significant through each generation.

As we transition into Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co, we are even more excited to continue raising the bar and creating fun brand licensing and impactful partnerships that you will be sure to love.

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