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Coming together to help those in need

2022 was a lot of things.

After nearly two years of virtual volunteer power hours, fundraisers, and individual activities, it was a year when our employees were thrilled to be able to meet in person again and donate their time and effort.

It was a year when natural disasters and war disrupted the lives of millions of people—and mobilized even more to help provide relief to those who need it most.

And it was a year when the ongoing ramifications of the pandemic and climate change forced more families and kids than ever to stare hunger in the face, underscoring the critical roles food banks and school breakfast clubs play in tackling food insecurity.

In 2022, our company and employees truly lived up to the promise we made—our Kellogg’s Better Days® Promise to advance sustainable and equitable access to food and create better days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030. We’re proud of the impact we’ve had in the communities we serve around the world, the people we’ve been able to feed, and the better days we’ve been able to create.

Click on the links to learn more about Kellogg’s commitments to tackling hunger and engaging people in advocating for sustainable and equitable access to food.

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