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An irreplaceable workplace

We often hear that a company is only as strong as its people, and I can say for certain that we have a strong foundation at Kellogg Company. Navigating change while maintaining who we are is no small feat, and during this process I’ve constantly been reminded that people are our company’s true advantage.

Kellogg Company’s commitment towards creating a culture that our employees love and are proud to work for is always our priority. A great workplace culture goes deeper than donuts in the office on Fridays and good benefits. Instead, transparency, tangible support, respect and a shared commitment towards the success of our people and business, help to create an exceptional culture at Kellogg.

It is our people who bring creative and competitive ideas to life, ensure inclusivity, build community and help to create the brands we know and love. Without our people breathing life into our K Values, Vision and Purpose, they would be nothing more than words on a page. Most importantly, our people advance our culture and make it possible for top-tier organizations like Forbes to recognize Kellogg as a Best Employer for New Graduates and for Newsweek to include us on its inaugural list of America’s Greatest Workplaces.

Awards that recognize our workplace culture are always special because that means we are succeeding in creating a culture that our people love, an environment where they thrive and an atmosphere where we are all empowered to achieve our full potential.

Both awards look at how we provide competitive salary and benefits, encourage career development and work-life balance, promote equality and diversity, and took into consideration how our employees feel about working here. Our reputation in the eyes of consumers is undeniably important, but to have a great reputation amongst our employees – current and future –  is priceless.

As we transition through the spin from Kellogg Company to Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co, there rightfully have been various emotions, as typical with any change. With confidence, I can say that the culture of these two future companies are set up with the best-of-the best people. We have an opportunity to take what we love about Kellogg and incorporate it even further as it becomes the foundation of not just one business, but two.

We remain both committed and inspired to ensuring our people continue to feel valued and seen at Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co, and it’s made possible because we know what makes the workplace at Kellogg Company today so unique --our people.

When I look around at all the people that make up this great company, I know without a doubt this is an irreplaceable workplace and our people are and will remain our heart and soul.

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