Kellogg Company Announces Changes to North American Supply Chain Network as Part of Project K Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiative

Kellogg Company today announced changes to optimize its North American manufacturing network as part of the company’s recently announced Project K four-year efficiency and effectiveness program. Project K will unlock cost savings that Kellogg will invest in its strategy and grow its business. Through Project K, Kellogg is strengthening its existing business in core markets, increasing growth in developing and emerging markets, and driving increased value-added innovation.

Supply Chain infrastructure changes announced today include:

  • -Closure of the Snacks plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
  • -Elimination of two lines at our Snacks plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

“As with any project that impacts people, these are difficult decisions,” said John Bryant, President and CEO, Kellogg Company. “We are very mindful of the impact these changes will have – particularly to our employees. As our employees and others would expect from Kellogg, we will help those who are impacted through their transitions.”

The Charlotte plant is expected to close by the end of 2014 and the lines in Cincinnati will also be eliminated by that time.

“We have a compelling business need to better align our assets with marketplace trends and customer requirements,” said Bryant. “To that end, we are taking action to ensure our manufacturing network is operating the right number of plants and production lines – in the right locations – to better meet current and future production needs and the evolving needs of our customers.”