Tips From the Doctor, Without the Wait
Kellogg Assembles an Advisory Panel to Give Consumers Small, Simple Steps Toward Better Health

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Feb 26, 2008 -- "The doctor will see you now." Americans may see the doctor but not many actually listen to what their doctor recommends, according to a new Kellogg's(R) Healthy Beginnings(TM) Small Steps to Healthy Beginnings report. The report also reveals that while most health issues associated with heart health, digestive health and weight management are preventable, most people wait until medical intervention is necessary before taking an active role in their health.

Healthy Beginnings(TM), a consumer outreach program from Kellogg Company, teaches the importance of heart health, how to get more whole grains into your diet, the importance of fiber for good digestive health and regularity and how to maintain a healthy weight.

"The evolution of the Healthy Beginnings(TM) program demonstrates another milestone in Kellogg's continued commitment to health and wellness," said Jennifer Garrett, Ph.D., director of nutrition marketing, Kellogg Company. "The wellness tips recommended in the Small Steps to Healthy Beginnings provide practical options and ideas for consumers to improve their health."

No Prescription Necessary

The Healthy Beginnings(TM) Small Steps to Healthy Beginnings report focuses on trends in heart health, digestive health and weight management from both a mainstream and Hispanic perspective, with consideration of food and retail trends gathered during a panel session with members of the Healthy Beginnings(TM) advisory panel. The panel consisting of leaders in their respective fields of weight management, digestive health, heart health and Hispanic nutrition includes:

-- Dr. Christine Dumas, medical-lifestyle author and reporter and lead
Healthy Beginnings(TM) advisory panel member/weight-management expert

-- Dr. John Johanson, gastroenterologist and Healthy Beginnings(TM)
digestive-health expert

-- Sylvia Klinger, registered dietitian, certified personal trainer and
Healthy Beginnings(TM) Hispanic-nutrition expert

-- Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, director, Women and Heart Disease of the Heart
and Vascular Institute of Lenox Hill Hospital and Healthy Beginnings(TM)
heart-health expert

Some sample learnings from the Small Steps to Healthy Beginnings report include:

-- Reap the Benefits of Breakfast. A nutritious morning meal of cereal,
fruit and skim milk provides important nutrients such as carbohydrates,
protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. But it's also a big boost for
weight management. Breakfast fuels the body and ignites the metabolism
to kick the body's calorie-burning mechanism into gear first thing in
the morning.

-- Empower Yourself with Small Steps. Attempting to make sweeping changes
in eating and exercise patterns or believing in the latest fad diet or
miracle pill usually sets people up for defeat. Empower yourself by
making simple but small, healthful changes a small step at a time. Get
started with that one small step - and keep on going.

-- Plan for "Moments of Truth." Be prepared for those times of day when
good dietary intentions can go by the wayside. When you are on the go,
keep a Special K(TM) Protein Snack Bar or a bag of dry cereal in your
purse, briefcase or glove compartment instead of skipping meals or
grabbing a higher-calorie choice.

-- Be a Role Model for Your Kids. Children watch what their parents do and
copy their behaviors. Parents who practice healthful habits themselves
show their kids how to do the same, which may help reduce the risk of
health problems today and years down the line.

-- Utilize Tools. Knowledge is power when it comes to making positive
changes in your health. Use the tools at to
find out body mass index, how much fiber you're getting and your heart
disease risk.

"Just as people do preventive maintenance on their cars, they must do the same for their body. They can begin by making healthier eating choices," said Dr. Dumas. "Choosing to have a cereal breakfast with skim milk, fruit and black coffee is a great way to start the day. The key to successful health management is making simple but permanent lifestyle changes."

The Healthy Beginnings(TM) portfolio of products, including Smart Start(R) Strong Heart cereal, All-Bran(R) cereal, Frosted Mini-Wheats(R) cereal and Special K(R) products and cereals, helps consumers make smart, delicious decisions to help meet their health needs. New tips developed by the advisory panel as part of Kellogg's(R) Healthy Beginnings(TM) program can help Americans have a healthier beginning to every day. By incorporating these simple steps, consumers are able to take the upper hand in their health management. Visit for more information.

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