Get Ready, Get Set, Snacktivate
New Kellogg initiative helps moms bring kids into the kitchen to cook up nutritious snacks and family fun

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Kids' daily routines are punctuated by snacks, which are essential to help them recharge and get the nutrients they need. However, research shows kids are snacking most often on soda, sweets and salty snacks(1). The Kellogg Company teamed up with master-moms Deb Geigis Berry, one of the country's leading experts on family life; and Rachel Brandeis, a registered dietitian and past spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Together, they're giving moms ways to capitalize on the snacking opportunity by combining nutritious food and family fun. Now, moms can Snacktivate.

Since a quarter of a child's daily calories come from snacks(2), Snacktivate helps moms ensure these between-meal bites are nutritious. The initiative helps them turn their kitchen into a learning laboratory, which can encourage kids to eat nutritious foods and set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.

"Snacktivate reinforces Kellogg Company's commitment to health and wellness by providing moms with nutritious snack recipes and activities, tips and advice on nutritious snacking, and ways to connect with their kids in the kitchen," said Jennifer Garrett, Ph.D., director of nutrition marketing, Kellogg Company. "Our portfolio of 12 fun snack activities is a great way to get good nutrition into little bodies while teaching them about nutrition and strengthening the ties that bind a mom and her children."

For moms who want to encourage healthy snacking, but can use a little inspiration, Snacktivate provides hands-on tips and fun ways to get started. In addition to offering nutritious snacking ideas and information, the complimentary Snacktivate kit includes 12 downloadable one-page Snacktivate sheets that incorporate nutritious Kellogg® products in tasty creations that are equal parts tasty and fun.

"Planning and preparing nutritious snacks teaches kids the importance of vitamins and minerals, proper portion sizes and how to establish a balanced diet," said Rachel Brandeis, MS, RD, owner of Personalized Nutrition Counseling, and mother of two. "Kids who Snacktivate develop cooking skills and also strengthen family bonds as they enjoy the fun, delicious creations they helped to prepare."

Start Snacktivating with:

- Muffins that morph into flower boxes. Moms and kids can start with All-Bran® Complete® Wheat Flakes cereal, gather other common baking ingredients, and follow an easy Snacktivate recipe to make some tasty, nutritious bran muffins that provide three grams of dietary fiber. Then, they can get crafty and use them to create Muffin Flower Boxes with pipe cleaners, straws, and colorful cupcake liners. Moms and kids end up with a tasty snack, necessary nutrition and great memories all from one Snacktivate activity.

- Sassy Sunpops that make the day a little brighter. Moms and kids can combine Kellogg's® Frosted Mini-Wheats® cereal and other baking ingredients and use a Snacktivate recipe to make crunchy peanut butter cookies. By pressing flax seeds and raw almonds into the cookie dough, they can make the cookie look like a sunflower. Just insert the cookie sticks, bake and enjoy a sunny snack time centerpiece. Each finished Sassy Sunpop provides a sweet snack with about 130 calories and 6 grams of sugar.

Snacking Essentials

Bringing kids into the kitchen to Snacktivate is as much a learning experience as it is a culinary adventure. Moms teach their budding chefs cooking basics so they enjoy healthy food for a lifetime. Younger kids can develop hand-eye coordination and learn about colors, shapes, smells and tastes. As they get older, kids can learn about nutrition and challenge their reading and math skills.

Parents can help promote nutritious snacking in four easy steps:

- PLAN IT. Designate specific snack times so that snacking is a conscious activity built into the family routine.

- PICK IT. Successful snacking starts with the food that ends up in the grocery cart. Stocking up on nutritious snacks gives kids a variety of readily available options within their reach.

- MAKE IT. Be creative with snack choices and bring kids into the kitchen as schedules allow to pique their interest in new and nutritious foods.

- MOVE IT! Energy balance is key to healthy living. Make a goal to keep the family active so that the energy (calories) being consumed equals the calories being burned (through physical activity).

"Snacks are essential to provide the nutrients kids need to support healthy growth and help them recharge throughout the day," said Brandeis. "However, snacks shouldn't be viewed as treats or 'extras'. It's important to be aware of what children are eating between meals and factor it into their daily intake of fat and calories."

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(1,2) National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey 2001-2002

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