Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ Cereal Debuts in U.S., Providing Taste Enthusiasts with an Irresistibly Delicious Cereal and the Perfect Excuse to Enjoy It
Kellogg's U.K. megabrand arrives in U.S. with an enormous cuckoo clock to launch 'It's Morning Somewhere™' campaign

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Jan. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- When U.S. consumers get their first taste of delicious Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal, they'll be looking for excuses to enjoy it. And for its launch in the U.S., Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal is ready with the perfect excuse: "It's Morning Somewhere™."

The launch of Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal in the U.S. is the latest example of Kellogg Company leveraging proven ideas from around the Kellogg world.  

"This is an exciting product launch for Kellogg Company and we're committed to making it a big success," said Yuvraj Arora, senior director, adult ready-to-eat cereal marketing. "Given the success of the brand in other markets and the consistent feedback from consumers that they simply love the taste of Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut cereal, we're eager to bring this hugely popular brand to U.S. consumers, who we're confident will have a similar passion for Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal."

After three decades of success in the U.K., the Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal brand knows consumers don't want to wait to enjoy the simply delicious taste of Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal. Fortunately, they don't need to, according to the brand's U.S. launch campaign because "It's Morning Somewhere™."

"It's Morning Somewhere"

Kellogg will launch the brand in the U.S. with an enormous awareness-driving campaign that will include television, online and in-store advertising.  Featured among the numerous consumer promotions are one-of-a-kind marketing programs.  First among these: the campaign will kick off with a consumer event featuring a giant cuckoo clock with live, comedic performances.  The purpose of the event is to drive awareness of the brand and illustrate the perfect excuse to enjoy the irresistible taste of Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut cereal  -- "It's Morning Somewhere™."  

Built to celebrate mornings across all time zones, the Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cuckoo clock also symbolizes the scale of the launch campaign, as it is so big that it is expected to set the Guinness World Records® Record for the largest cuckoo clock.  

"To bring this iconic brand to the U.S., we wanted a symbol that represented the 'It's Morning Somewhere™' campaign and the enormity of the launch," said Arora. "Creating this immense clock and generating an exciting experience for consumers is a fun way to introduce Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal in the U.S. and bring our campaign to life."

About Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut Cereal

With a blend of delicious honey and pieces of nuts in every crunchy bite, Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal is available in two flavors – Golden Honey Nut and Roasted Nut and Honey.

Golden Honey Nut features golden corn flakes drizzled with honey and topped with real peanuts. Roasted Nut and Honey features corn and oat Os topped with roasted peanuts and honey.

Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal is already available on many grocery shelves this month and will be available nationwide beginning in February. For more information visit the Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal website at or the Facebook fan page at

When the Clock Chimes…

The "It's Morning Somewhere™" campaign will officially launch on January 29 at Hollywood and Highland Center in Los Angeles with the large consumer event featuring the giant cuckoo clock installation. The six-story Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cuckoo clock will chime for the first time at 12 p.m. PST, and chime every hour thereafter until 11 a.m. PST January 30.

At the top of each hour, the cuckoo clock will crow and an actor will emerge from inside to offer a comedic performance representative of a place in the world where it is morning.

A Guinness World Records® official will be on hand to verify Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut cereal's world record, and celebrity Nick Cannon will kick off and host the event.

Cited by People Magazine as one of the "Top Ten Most Successful Young People in Hollywood" and featured on the Cover of Black Enterprises' "40 Under 40," Nick Cannon, 30, is a successful, multi-faceted entertainer: film star, comedian, musician, writer and executive producer of his own hit TV shows. From his start on the Nickelodeon show "All That," Nick made his big screen debut in 2002 with an appearance alongside Will Smith in "Men in Black II" before landing a leading role in the hit feature film "Drumline." That same year he released his self-titled debut album and has collaborated with a host of other musicians on soundtracks and other projects. In 2010, NBC tapped Nick to serve as the host for the hit show, "America's Got Talent."

The event is open to the public and will include opportunities to sample Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cereal and interact with the actor in the clock. Additionally, taste enthusiasts nationwide can follow the action, interact with the performer and watch streaming video of the live performances at the brand's Facebook fan page at

Eyeing Up the Cuckoo Competition

Claims of the world's largest cuckoo clock come from around the globe, however none are official Guinness World Records®. One of these clocks resides in Schonach, Germany, where the clock mechanism's dimensions measure 12-feet wide, 10-feet tall and 3-feet deep. Another is in Sugarcreek, Ohio, where the clock stands 23-feet, 6-inches tall, and 24-feet wide. More exist in Germany, Argentina, Japan and the United States.

Those clocks shrink in comparison to the Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cuckoo clock, which measures more than 66-feet tall and 28-feet wide and is being considered for a Guinness World Records® Record.

The Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cuckoo clock will feature a rich, dark-wood facade and many of the traditional elements of a cuckoo clock, including an outer face with Roman numerals, a shingled roof with eaves and doors from which the Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut™ cuckoo clock character will emerge. Additional elements include decorative accoutrements, such as tree leaves and wood branches, pine-cone-shaped weights and a pendulum in the shape of a spoon.

About Kellogg Company

With 2009 sales of nearly $13 billion, Kellogg Company is the world's leading producer of cereal and a leading producer of convenience foods, including cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, fruit-flavored snacks, frozen waffles and veggie foods. The Company's brands include Kellogg's®, Keebler®, Pop-Tarts®, Eggo®, Cheez-It®, All-Bran®, Mini-Wheats®, Nutri-Grain®, Rice Krispies®, Special K®, Chips Deluxe®, Famous Amos®, Sandies®, Austin®, Club®, Murray®, Kashi®, Bear Naked®, Morningstar Farm®, Gardenburger® and Stretch Island®. Kellogg products are manufactured in 18 countries and marketed in more than 180 countries.  For more information, visit Kellogg's Corporate Responsibility report including its approach, progress and future direction in the marketplace, workplace, environment and community can be found at For information on Kellogg Company's commitment to nutrition, visit

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