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Tiffani Thiessen and Her Bike Brigade Deliver Pick-Me-Up Snacks Around NYC with Keebler® Town House® Crackers & Hummus

When hunger strikes and we’re on-the-go, we often find ourselves worrying about how to get our hands on something tasty and wholesome. That’s why on-the-go working mom and foodie Tiffani Thiessen took a break from her routine to head to New York City. Enlisting the help of the Keebler® Town House® Bike Brigade, Tiffani delivered Town House Crackers + Hummus to hungry go-getters across the city. With two delicious varieties, Town House Pita Crackers Mediterranean Herb with Hummus and Town House Flatbread Crisps Sea Salt and Olive Oil with Hummus, these flavorful duos can save your day with a snack anytime, anywhere.

Did you know 3:14 p.m. is the time people are most in need of a snack? Tiffani rescued ravenous New Yorkers with this portable snack at that perfect moment! By using a high heat process during packaging, this allows for packs to be conveniently stored at room temperature. Town House Crackers + Hummus fills you up with wholesome goodness, and is always ready to eat so you can just grab it and enjoy on-the-go.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Town House Crackers + Hummus. For so many mothers, finding time for a delicious snack that is both wholesome and convenient can be difficult, but with the delicious Mediterranean herb and sea salt and olive oil flavors, Town House Crackers + Hummus is the perfect solve,” Tiffani said.

Check out www.facebook.com/TiffaniThiessen and @tiffanithiessen on Instagram to follow Tiffani Thiessen and the Keebler Town House Bike Brigade and their journey through New York. You can also learn more about the Town House Crackers + Hummus varieties by visiting www.facebook.com/KeeblerElves/